Y657 – Our Number One Soya Bean Cultivar

Y657 – Our Number One Soya Bean Cultivar

Y657 – Our Number One Soya Bean Cultivar

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Y657 – Our Number One Soya Bean Cultivar
Y657 Soya Bean Cultivar
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Y657 – Our Number One Soya Bean Cultivar

Join us as we take a look at our number one soya bean cultivar! Below, Deon Scheepers from Southern Hemisphere Seeds (SHS) takes us through all the reasons why our Y657 soya cultivar is so successful. This specific cultivar has previously won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for ARC trials in the moderate areas of South Africa.

First, let’s identify the Y657 soya bean cultivar by looking at its unique characteristics:

  • Its leaves can be broad, narrow, pointy or round.
  • Its stems can be hairy, very hairy or not hairy at all.
  • Its stem hairs can be white, dark brown or even red.
  • This cultivar’s flowers can be pure white, light purple or dark purple.
  • Its pods grow higher and give harvesters more ground cover.
  • This indeterminate cultivar produces R and V stages at the same time.

Our number one soya bean cultivar, the Y657, has noticeably broader and rounder leaves compared to other cultivars. The plant also retains very hairy stems with white hairs and light purple flowers during the flowering phase. Another noticeable characteristic of the Y657, is its larger size, and the reasons for this are explained below.

Determinate and Indeterminate Cultivars

Soya bean cultivars are classified as either determinate or indeterminate. Determinate cultivars stop the vegetative stage (growing new leaves and growth points) once they reach the reproductive stage (flowering). Indeterminate cultivars continue with the vegetative stage after they reached the reproductive stage, resulting in a longer growing period and a bigger plant.

So while the Y657 plant does flower during the R stage (reproductive stage), it is also forms new leaves and growth points, while still actively growing in the V stage (vegetative stage). This allows it to get bigger in size.

Pod Height and Harvesting Table

Another unique characteristic that sets the Y657 cultivar apart from other soya bean cultivars, is the height at which this cultivar forms pods. Soya bean pods will form where the plant’s flowers bud, and the pods will carry the seeds that will have to be harvested. When the pods grow too close to the ground, the harvester table might also collect small stones, sticks and other material that could damage your harvester.

The difference between the Y657 cultivar and other soya bean plants, is that its pods grow about 10cm above ground level. This gives the harvester table more ground clearance, which results in less wastage, less risk on equipment, and minimum yield left behind.

Want to try our number one soya bean cultivar in your next harvest?

Our Y657 soya bean seeds can be purchased in bulk at any of our agents. For more information on any of our soya bean cultivars, please contact our South African SHS branch at 081 490 9825​ for more information.

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