Intacta RR2 Pro

Intacta RR2 Pro

Intacta RR2 Pro
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Intacta RR2 Pro

Intacta RR2 Pro (Intacta® Roundup® Ready2 Pro) is the second genetically modified soya bean trait to be approved for cultivation in South Africa, after the first Roundup Ready soya bean trait (GTS 40-3-2) was approved back in 2001. This makes the Intacta RR2 Pro the first new seed biotechnology specifically for soya beans to be approved in South Africa in over 20 years’ time!

Southern Hemisphere Seeds (SHS) is one of the first South African companies to plant the Y651 IPRO soya bean cultivar containing Intacta® Roundup® Ready2 Pro technology. The cultivation of this new technology is taking place on the SHS experimental farm in Pyramid, Pretoria with seed production as the end goal, in order to make this new seed technology available to all farmers in South Africa. 

Intacta RR2 Pro protects against insect damage caused by common soya bean pests liketheAfrican bollworm. Intacta® Roundup® Ready2 Pro also provides glyphosate tolerance for weed management and is able to reposition the herbicide-tolerant trait on the DNA of the plant. Statistics show that South American producers who have grown Intacta® soya beans commercially have seen an average 9,2% increase in yields since 2013/2014 (which means that Intacta technology has added 20 million tons of soya beans to South American production since 2013).

Intacta RR2 Pro soya beans provide the following: 

  • Herbicide tolerance (HT) for glyphosate.
  • Insect-resistance (IR) which saves expenditure on insecticides
  • The positioning of the HT trait in the DNA of the germplasm which may result in higher yields.
  • Savings in expenditure on insecticides.

South African trial results

Local small plot regulated trials concluded with an average yield advantage of 300 kg/ha for Intacta RR2 Pro cultivars compared to Intacta RR1. This means that productivity and profitability for soya bean producers may exceed our local crushing capacity by far. 

Want to try one of our soya bean cultivars in your next harvest?

Our soya bean seeds can be purchased in bulk at any of our agents. For more information on any of our soya bean cultivars, please contact our South African SHS branch at 081 490 9825​ for more information.

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