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The Y2 Coriander Cultivar has exceptionally good leaf production in winter and does very well in cold weather regions. This cultivar has exceptionally good leaf production.

Southern Hemisphere Seeds (SHS) provides a portfolio of coriander cultivars that not only improve yields, but also allows farmers to be at the cutting edge of the latest genetic development on an international scale. Our genetically diverse product range results from the careful selection of cultivars from four different breeding programmes in South America that relate geographically and agronomically to similar farming conditions in South Africa. We have access to more than 10 000 new crossings every year. These cultivars offer the highest potential in production and disease tolerance, together with the highest herbicide resistance.



Exceptionally good leaf production in winter


Bright green


Ideal for fresh produce market


  • Ideal for winter planting
  • Does very well in cold weather regions
  • Exceptionally good leaf production