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Southern Hemisphere Seeds (SHS) supplies Intacta RR2 Pro (Intacta® Roundup® Ready2 Pro) soya bean seeds to South African Soy Farmers. SHS is a company created by farmers for farmers with a portfolio of soya bean cultivars that not only improve yields, but also allows soya bean farmers to be at the cutting edge of the latest genetic development on an international scale.

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Intacta RR2 Pro

Intacta RR2 Pro (Intacta® Roundup® Ready2 Pro) is the second genetically modified soya bean trait to be approved for cultivation in South Africa, after the first Roundup Ready soya bean trait (GTS 40-3-2) was approved back in 2001. This makes the Intacta RR2 Pro the first new seed biotechnology specifically for soya beans to be approved in South Africa in over 20 years’ time!

Intacta RR2 Pro soya beans provide the following: 

Herbicide tolerance (HT) for glyphosate. Insect-resistance (IR) which saves expenditure on insecticides. The positioning of the HT trait in the DNA of the germplasm which may result in higher yields. Savings in expenditure on insecticides.


The Y651 IPRO soya bean cultivar (which contains Intacta® RR2 Pro) will protect against insect damage caused by common pests like the African bollworm. Intacta® RR2 Pro also provides glyphosate tolerance for weed management and can reposition the herbicide-tolerant trait on the DNA of the plant.

Soya Bean Yield Per Hectare

Soya Bean Yield Per Hectare

There are no guarantees when it comes to expected soya bean yield per hectare, but generally speaking, with a plant population of 250 000 to 500 000 plants per hectare, one could expect about two to five tons of soya bean yield per hectare. ...

Using Glyphosate on Soya Bean Crops

Using Glyphosate on Soya Bean Crops

Weeds are considered the number one problem in major soya bean-producing countries. By using glyphosate on soya bean crops, farmers can effectively manage weed growth within the first four weeks after sprouting, and throughout the reproductive...

Soya Bean Herbicide Tolerance

Soya Bean Herbicide Tolerance

Why Do Farmers Use Herbicides? Herbicides are chemicals used to kill or control weeds and unwanted vegetation. These pesky little plants grow most frequently in row-crop fields such as soya bean plantations. Weeds compete with soya bean crops for...

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